The competition is divided into several modalities and designed for members or non-members EPA can participate. There are several categories that cover various niches of photography and are judged by some of the most respected photographers, from around the world. The judgment will be blind, or a juror does not know the author of the work, the judgment will be as impartial as possible and the work will be judged on its quality, and not by the author. All photos submitted that obtain the coveted “Diamond” award are presented at the annual EPA trial and if considered the best, the artist can win the prestigious “The Best of EPA” award (within its category).

The Expression Photography Awards have several differentials. In addition to offering the EPA Advantages with special discounts in workshops, mentoring and bookbinders, it has the exclusive Área do Saber so that everyone can grow in photography. Based on this policy of seeing each member evolve, EPA believes that everyone has a chance to shine in their careers. So we are pleased to welcome members of varying levels such as the beginner, the intermediate and the more advanced level. However, in the competitions, photos are awarded that strictly follow the criteria of item 16 of the EPA regulation.

All awards are presented on the EPA website and widely publicized on social media. By submitting your photos and participating in the association’s contests, you agree to have read and fully understood the rules of each competition and the definitions or rules of the chosen category.

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